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The best Personal Protection service in Southeast Queensland

Personal protection is one of Aus Guards specialties. Aus Guards provides expert personal protection in a discreet and professional manner. Our personal protection service is run by experts, with years of industry experience behind them. Utilising the latest innovative techniques our team will assess risk and implement a personal protection plan based on their findings.

A versatile VIP service

At Aus Guards we realise that every situation requires a unique approach. This is particularly true of VIP clients. While some situations may require uniformed guards whose visibility is obvious, others require a more discreet approach.

The key to the success of our personal protection service is the ability to provide a personalised service, which has been created with the individual in mind. We understand the importance of tact and constant protection and are well equipped to protect a variety of VIPs. All of our VIP guards bring real world experience to every assignment and are well equipped to handle the most difficult situations possible.

A comprehensive VIP service

We have been responsible for the safety of a huge range of VIPs hailing from a diverse range of backgrounds. Wether we are dealing with someone from the entertainment industry or the corporate world our approach to vigilance is the same.

All of our guards receive ongoing training in the latest industry standards and developments to ensure maximum protection.

Aus Guards guarantee’s a vigilant personal protection service were the risk is removed.

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