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Our Mobile Patrol team ensures the safety of your premises

A rapid response

Aus Guards has years of experience in the security industry. We’ve learnt that while utilising technology and electronic security is essential, the utilisation of the traditional patrolling approach is still the best deterrent for would be criminals.

Do any of the following factors apply to your domain?

  • Quiet industrial area that is empty of human activity at night
  • A neighbourhood that has a high rate of vandalism and burglary
  • Property is left vacant for long periods of time
  • Sensitive information contained on the premises
  • Cash left on premises overnight

If you answered yes to any of the above and haven’t already utilised the services of a mobile patrol, then you’re business is vulnerable. Thankfully Aus Guards has the solution. Our mobile patrols are conducted by highly trained guards with years of experience and a dedication to our clients second to none.

Aus Guards offers a comprehensive mobile patrol solution that will guarantee the safety of your premises. Utilising both the manpower at out disposal and state of the art technology we synergise the resources at our disposal to take excepted standards of security to the next level.

Our mobile patrols provide a range of services

  • Full initial risk assessment
  • Random patrolling of premises both on foot and via patrol car
  • Patrol car fully connected to our 24-hour alarm monitoring service
  • Trained drivers equipped for rapid response
  • Lock checking
  • After hours staff escorts
  • Lone worker checks
  • Vacant property checks

Mobile patrols act as a visible deterrent to criminals. At Aus Guards the safety of our clients and their premises is our chief concern. The team conducting our mobile patrols is highly trained and well equipped to respond rapidly as soon as an alarm is raised.

For a security solution you can trust and a guaranteed rapid response contact Aus Guards today.

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