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Aus Guards guarantees a premium cash in transit service

With crime statistics in Southeast Queensland showing a dramatic rise in the number of armed robberies, the time for businesses to get proactive about protecting their cash flow is now.

With the rate of robberies continuing to rise, more businesses are looking to private security for help. Aus Guard offers cash banking security solutions for a wide variety of businesses. Statistics show that the majority of robberies occur while cash is in transit as quick getaway is often possible. Many businesses make the mistake of utilising employees to carry sums of cash between the workplace and the bank.

A Convenient Service with Tangible Results

The consequences of entrusting employees to carry large sums of cash can be far reaching if a robbery occurs. It is essential that businesses protect their employees. Having an employee become a victim of crime can be detrimental to both the victim and business reputation.

Banks are shrinking in size due to the rise of a range of online services several issues present themselves. Bank queues and the loss of staff to undertake cash carrying duties is an inconvenience both financially and in the risks it presents.

By leaving your cash banking requirements in the hands of the team at Aus Guards, you are effectively guaranteeing the safety of your cash flow. We take chance out of consideration and implement procedures to conduct all banking procedures in a safe and secure manner.

Professional Security Providing a Professional Service

Aus Guard provides a security service that has been built on training and experience. Our guards are highly trained and adept at assessing risk and developing relevant strategies accordingly.

We organise the pick-up and drop off of cash closely with businesses ensuring a discreet service. Our cash banking is conducted by licensed security personnel and once the cash is in our hands your cash is fully insured.

Tax Deductible

The utilisation of licensed security companies such as Aus Guards for cash banking is fully tax deductible. For secure finance at excellent rates contact the experts at Aus Guards for an assessment.

For a secure cash banking service you can trust contact Aus Guards and guarantee your financial safety.

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