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Posted on 10-Nov-2009

Aus Guards gives you total control over your workers without the associated risks of employment and contracting!

  • You choose how much you pay*!
  • You choose who works and who does not work*!

Would you like to save thousands of dollars a year off your security staff costs run your own security without the risk?

How much do you currently pay for your security staff?

Do you pay more than $29.00* (ex GST) / hour flat rate 24/7?

Aus Guards hourly rate for security personnel starts from only $29.00* plus GST.

Aus Guards is a labour hire business specialising in security personnel.

Ausguards will do all of the following for you:

  • Over 22 years of experience in all aspects of the security industry specialising in crowd control and security guard work right here in south east queensland.
  • Provide access to over 200 experienced licensed security personnel already registered with ausguards if and when required.
  • Offer a simple, flexible and cost effective way to engage the services of your workers without the hassle and risks associated with employing staff.
  • Remove the stress of workplace administration, paperwork & wages.
  • Take care of taxation, superannuation, workers compensation, liability insurances, licensing & industrial relations relating to security staff.
  • Save you thousands of $$$$ on your security staff costs.
  • Eliminate the confusion and pitfalls regarding always changing workplace regulations and paperwork.
  • Convert all of your existing security personnel over to our system, giving you better flexibility and management of your workers.
  • Give you more time and control of your business.

To save thousands on your annual security costs without compromising anything- run your security personnel the new way- the better way...
contact Aus Guards on 1300 88 00 26 or visit

*Conditions Apply

Team Aus Guards

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