Writing an Incident Report in the Security Industry

Posted on 03-Mar-2014

In the security industry there is a strong need for being able to accurately complete an incident report. You need to be able to record incidents precisely and quickly. Ausguard’s have created a guide to assist you in writing an incident report in the security industry.

Incident Report

Use simple terminology

Given the nature of an incident report, it may be read by a jury, judge or police officers. Therefore the way you write is important, so use simple yet formal wording. Use correct terms such as Mr. and Ms. and avoid using slang language.

Use the 5 W’s

When talking about the incident be as descriptive as you can be. A way to ensure you cover all bases is by using the 5 W’s: Who, what, when, where and why.

WHO: Who was involved? Who were witnesses? Ensure to include physical appearances if contact information was not recorded/available.

WHAT: What exactly happened? Write in chronological order, and include every step-by-step event that happened.

WHEN: What was the time and date the incident took place?

WHERE: Where did the incident take place? Include address or be descriptive (for example the park next to St. John’s School, on the monkey bars).

WHY: This aspect isn’t really necessary unless you may see or hear some information (for example, he hit him because I saw him attack his son).

Only include facts

Only write the exact facts that happened and don’t take sides in the altercation. The judgement is not for you to decide so simply reiterate the incident.

Take photos/videos

If possible take photos and/or videos of the incident. This can provide information that you may be unable to deliver (for example, a body position may give clues to reason for injury). Remember to be professional and simple, yet objective and descriptive, and you will be able to write a perfect incident report.

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