Top 5 Important Skills to have in the Security Industry

Posted on 26-Feb-2014

The security industry has a wide range of job roles and fields. Security jobs require appropriate training and a specific skill set. Advancing your security skills can help you propel your career in the security industry depending on your chosen field. Ausguard’s have compiled a list of our top 5 important skills to have in the industry to assist you in your current and future employments.

Security Skills

1. Adaptability

Working in the security industry means you will need to easily adapt to work conditions and demands. There are many different fields in the industry each requiring a different service. Having adaptability in your skill set means you can efficiently work in more fields and will assist you in many security situations.

2. Communication

Communication with your client and people is integral in the industry. You need to be able to take clear instructions and relay information to other security personnel. If you are working in crowds or around the general public, communication is an important skill to have to ensure safety and control.

3. Writing

Being able to write clearly and concisely is extremely important in the security industry. The job requires a lot of detailed incident reports and general note taking. You need to be able to relay information correctly and in great detail especially in the case of an incident while you are on duty.

4. Fast thinking

The security industry is fast paced and requires you to think on your feet. There is not always going to be a manager around when you need to act fast.

5. Training

Ultimately the most vital skill to have in the industry is appropriate security training. Having the qualifications and licences required to work in the industry is more than just important, it is required by law. Ausguard’s can assist you in your security training and finding work in the industry.

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