Security Jobs and How To Get Into The Security Industry

Posted on 07-Feb-2014

Security jobs can be challenging and rewarding. Security guards are an important figure in the community who can have many different job titles from bodyguard to bouncer. To gain employment in the security industry it is important to have appropriate credentials and qualities. These tips are a guide to help you get into the security trade.

Security Jobs

Get Appropriate Training

Security training is a key factor for security jobs in Australia. The government has certain rules in place that you will need to research and have completed the correct training courses to gain employment in the security industry. You will also need to have your licences (security & weapons) depending on the position you are applying for. Security training gets your foot in the door and will teach you the basics you need to work as a security guard.

Gain Experience

When applying for a security position the employer is most likely going to go for the most experienced candidate. In security, experience is very important; knowing how to handle a range of situations will benefit you greatly in the industry. You may need to work your way up from the bottom to get the job you want, but in the end it is well worth it.

Be Trustworthy and Honest

Security personnel are often seen as trustworthy figures, especially in the public eye. It is important you have these qualities to work as a security guard. You will most likely be required to withhold confidential information and transport valuable goods during your time in the industry. Trust and honesty are important in all jobs, but in security these characteristics are essential to the service you provide.

Have Good Communication Skills

Security guards need to be able to communicate with their client, employer and the general public. You are more than likely to encounter some unpleasant people while on duty and knowing how to handle and communicate with them is essential to providing superior service.

Get Fit

Security personnel do not necessarily need to be ripped with muscles but being healthy, physically reliable and agile are significantly beneficial. You will need to be able to defend yourself and the client if and when necessary.

Think Fast

The security industry is full of unpredictable situations which is why fast thinking is a valuable skill in the industry. Being able to use common sense, quickly, in uncontrollable situations will help you excel in your career.

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