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Why Everyone Should Know CPR Steps and Delivery


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation more commonly referred to as CPR, is the life-saving technique that delivers oxygen and artificial circulation to someone whose heart has stopped. This is what is known as being in cardiac arrest, which is the leadin..

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Writing an Incident Report in the Security Industry


In the security industry there is a strong need for being able to accurately complete an incident report. You need to be able to record incidents precisely and quickly. Ausguard’s have created a guide to assist you in writing an incident re..

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Top 5 Important Skills to have in the Security Industry


The security industry has a wide range of job roles and fields. Security jobs require appropriate training and a specific skill set. Advancing your security skills can help you propel your career in the security industry depending on your chosen ..

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Security Jobs and How To Get Into The Security Industry


Security jobs can be challenging and rewarding. Security guards are an important figure in the community who can have many different job titles from bodyguard to bouncer. To gain employment in the security industry it is important to have appropr..

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